Disturbing Trend With Police Harrassment In America

We all depend on the police to serve and protect us from wrongdoers. But what happens when the wrongdoers turnout to be the police? One person wrote about police harassment in a forum that caught my attention.

Allegedly, an Orlando, Florida police officer pulled over the driver for a routine traffic stop. According to the person involved, police asked for identification and asked whether he had any weapons or bombs in the car.

After being asked to get out of his vehicle, he was handcuffed as police searched his vehicle. Apparently, police found a bag of marijuana in his car, to which, the driver of the car denied was his. When all was said and done, the driver wasn’t arrested. But the investigating officers did allegedly take money from him, to the tune of almost $800 dollars.

Now whether this story is true or not, we don’t know. We don’t know if the person who wrote this story in the forum has a criminal record or if he has an actual case against the Orlando police. Unless we see the actual police report of what the officer filed, we’ll never really know both sides of the story.

One thing is certain. More and more incidents involving police misconduct have been popping up in the United States. Much of it has to do with the advent of camera phones, which can document everything that happens. Some police departments also have video cameras on their police vehicles, but in incidents such as the one mentioned, surveillance video mysteriously disappears.

The only thing we can do when something similar happens is to document everything, from the officer’s name to the time of day, to getting a recording device to further document what happens.

To quote from the legendary 1971 film, “Billy Jack” – “When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law – just a fight for survival.”


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  1. The government must do something about it. Give some seminars and everything. ~~Granite Dining Table

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