Remembering Sienna, The Dog with a Thousand Kisses!

We put our beloved pug, Sienna down this morning. She was 13 years old.

After suffering from congestive heart failure for some time now, the time came for us to end her life. The moment and the vet was peaceful, like she was sleeping. She didn’t suffer, which made me feel better. But still, the memories of Sienna had tears flowing from my eyes endlessly. It was a tough decision, but we felt the time was right and humane.

Like her son Roscoe, who we also put down last November at the age of 10, Sienna was a rescue dog. We received them in December 2003, just in time for Christmas. They both came into our lives with so much love and mischief.

Trips to the US/Canadian border became an adventure, as we had to struggle between answering the border guards questions and keeping them from barking at him. Usually a treat would keep them distracted.

Unlike Roscoe, who had more of an intimidating nature, Sienna was passive. She was more likely to lick you to death than to bite your hand off. Thus, the nickname we gave her, “The Dog of a Thousand Kisses.” Actually, Sienna had a number of nicknames, “Ivanna Lickalot”, “Miss Piggy’s cousin”, “Sienna Banana” to name a few.

Sienna became a star in her own right, when I photographed her for the book “Working: A Collection of Stories and Photographs”, published in 2007. The photo, shown below, was entitled, “I’m Pooped!”

In her own way, she grabbed your heart with those big beautiful eyes.

The house is rather lonely right about now, except for the two brats of a labradoodles we’re taking care of right now. That’s another thing about her and Roscoe, they were well behaved dogs. You couldn’t ask for better pets.

What will I miss about her the most? Her snoring. They slept on our bed every night and they were our security for getting to sleep faster. I’ll also miss her companionship on trips, even the border crossings.

But mostly, I’ll miss her kisses! One thing I forgot to mention was that kisses were done on her terms. You couldn’t ask for one. But once she started, they never ended.

Sadly, it’s time to go over the Rainbow Bridge again. Sienna is now with Roscoe…

…and Saddielou.

Together again.


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