Canadian Satellite TV Customers "Nickel & Dimed" To Death!

I’m this close to getting rid of Bell TV.

I’m just not impressed with their satellite TV service. It seems like every channel I come across that I want, you have to pay extra to get it.

For instance, TSN2 was available for some time to Bell TV customers in 2008. However, if you wanted the channel, you would have to upgrade to a more expensive package. I held off for long as I could, until I found out Sunday Night Baseball was being switched over to TSN2 in 2010. I bit the bullet and paid for the upgrade.

Then there’s the issue of HD channels. There are fewer HD channels then there are in the states, about 100 less HD channels than on DirecTV or DISH Network. Many of their regular cable channels, such as Movietime, Dusk, and Much Music are not available on Bell TV in HD.

However, TSN & TSN2 are available in HD. But guess what? You have to pay for the privilege.

As of this point, I’m paying nearly $150 dollars for satellite, a ridiculous amount considering the crap that’s on Canadian TV.

I’m amazed with satellite TV companies here in Canada. They jack the prices for programming, then they force you to take programming you know you’re not going to watch. Then they play hardball with companies knowing that you’re going to want to watch, and then pass the costs over to you.

It’s been like that for years, and not just with Canadian satellite companies! It’s with US cable companies, as well.

Unfortunately, I live in a rural area in Southeastern Ontario, so cable TV is not an option for us. If it was, I’d definitely consider Cogeco or, if available, Rogers. Shaw Direct is also not an option, as they have even less programming and HD selections.  I’ve been told it’s illegal to obtain DirecTV or DISH in Canada.  Maybe Bell TV had something to do with it, as they want to stop the bleeding on their bad service.     

So, I’m at a loss. Suggestions on what I should do?


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3 Responses to Canadian Satellite TV Customers "Nickel & Dimed" To Death!

  1. paul says:

    First of all, you are paying for the worst HD picture quality of any North American supplier.And it will only get worse as time goes on and Bell satellite adds more HD channels. They will add 22 more HD Canadian locals this year. Bell has lost money on satellite every year and is now more than $2.5 Billion in debt. As a result, Bell will NOT invest in any more satellite bandwidth or upgrade to MPEG 4. Bell has decided to spent their money on their landline fibe tv service instead.This is the exact opposite to Shaw who are adding a new satellite in 2012 to offer 100 new HD channels in MPEG 4. They will also changeover existing Hd to MPEG4 over time so they can offer over 200 HD channels are far superior PQ to Bell.Most new Shaw customers in SW Ont know to get the secret hardware deal – $25 for a HD setup installed (dish included)or HDDVR for under $200 installed.Checkout the SD Ultmate Package – far less than Bell + you get HDNet in real HD

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Paul!Another factor I didn't mention is Bell's purchase of CTVGlobeMedia. By purchasing the largest private TV broadcaster in Canada, they've diverted money away from HD development. The likelihood of getting more HD channels is slim, at best. Also, I found it interesting that Bell no longer offers certain channels, such as HDNet and the new Oprah channel. My issue with Shaw Direct, paying extra for the most popular HD channels (TSN, TSN2, Rogers SportnetONE, etc.). DirecTV and DISH offer HD for free, wondering if it's worth it to purchase an illegal subscription.

  3. ralphswurld says:

    I have no subscription to any cable tv companies but I have a small DishTV satellite on my garage. I do not have a digital receiver yet, but I'm doing my research for what the options are and what specifically would be best for me. Any thoughts?

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