Wedding Photography Blues

Sunset Room at National Harbor – Renee and Neal

One of the things I remember about our wedding 12 years ago was that the people whom we entrusted did a very good job with what we wanted that day. Our wedding photos were done quite well…very professional. Our only regret was the photos of the family, friends and the two of us all took place at the church. Not the most romantic place for photos, but still memorable to say the least.

It’s one of the most important days of your life, so don’t leave it to an amateur.

One Washington DC Wedding Photographer has some of the most compelling wedding photo samples I’ve ever seen. Roman Grinev Photography operates photography studios in the Bethesda, Baltimore and Annapolis area, serving the Washington, DC area.

Their Washington DC Wedding Photography quality is stunning, with an impeccable taste for quality. Shop owner, Roman Grinev and his staff use a unique documentary approach, combined with fine art photography. The result, photos that produce creative, storytelling images and captures the joy, spontaneity, and excitement of your wedding day.

Here’s just a small sample from their blog.

Decatur House Wedding Photography, Washington DC – Meagan and Tom
Great Room at Savage Mill Wedding Photography – Lauren and Jesse

Roman Grinev Photography has been recognized by a number of Washington DC area publications.

Of all of the Washington DC Wedding Photographers, I would definitely consider entrusting Roman Grinev Photography for my big day.


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