Reindeer lollipops

Guest post written by Mariah Granger

I love making Christmas treas. I’d have to stay it’s my favorite thing to do around Christmas time, after opening up presents of course. There are just so many creative things to do with all kinds of Christmas time flavors and I’m always open to new ideas about how to use those resources available to me to achieve some yummy treats.

Even though I have some classic recipes like mint fudge and butterscotch haystacks that are especially great around this time of the year, I like to keep looking for others. I was doing that about a week ago when I saw some info about decided to GET CLEAR WIRELESS INTERNET. My old internet service had been terrible for a while anyway.

I’m pretty excited about this reindeer lollipops recipe that my kids saw a picture of and have been begging for me to make them for a while. I told them that I would make some for them this week, but told them that they needed to eat more food than just candy this season.


Thanks, Mariah!

Our favorite Christmas pastime is making Gumdrop Cake. It’s a different take on Fruitcake, mixing in gumdrops instead of fruit. It taste much better than the latter.  Everyone asks around this time of year about when we’re making them.  We usually make 2 dozen loaves, leaving the other half in the freezer.



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