Is Julian Assange a Hero, or a Villain?

The fact is, no one likes ‘secrets’.  Especially if they’re harmful whether to us, them or democracy, secrets in military or government smacks of lies and deceit. We, as a people make our voting decisions based on what we know, what we know is based on what were told, what were told is based on the governments idea of what we ‘should’ know, get it?

What we should know might just influence our decisions on whom we vote for so, who we vote for depends on what ‘they’ decide to tell us, not ‘policy’ policy is a thing of dreams, its a way of telling us what they wish could happen or would happen if they were in power but, the sad truth is, once in power ‘dreams’ are just that and, unfortunately dreams are not recognized when the horrific truth is made plain.

Governments are puppets, plain and simple. They are puppets with the elite pulling the strings.

That fact itself is made manifest by the sheer amount of people who have more than hinted that ‘back in the day Julian Assange would have ‘disappeared or been taken care of’ so that he wouldn’t have presented said governing bodies with a problem no more, how sinister and, how horrifying a scenario, I used (as a child) to think such ‘scenarios’ were things of fiction, placing them in a good book of horror, now I’m not so naive.

First they came …” is a famous statement attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). Its about inactivity in times of an horrific nature, freedom of speech does not exists when the governing bodies over that so called freedom suppresses it and, suppresses it because of the kinds of activity it wants to ‘hide’ from the people who voted them into power, voted them at a time when it seemed that they were the answer with the false promises they made to get us out of that time of troubles and strife’s.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when, first we practice to deceive.

I find it interesting to note how this Julian Assange is very much alone, or appears to be. If I were a malevolent body, under threat of being discovered, I would first strive to isolate the very one who threatened me, isolate and ostracize him from society, how better to do that than level false accusations against him and raise public awareness to his so called ‘crimes’. I would put into place a machine of malevolence against him, have him shunned, chased, hounded and vilified, after all, I’m a malevolent body, I must preserve my secrecy at all costs mustn’t I?.

At the end of the day, who is exactly in whose pockets here, does the government control the media, do the elites control the government? When push comes to shove, and the chit hits the fan, do YOU trust your government? Really?

For right or wrong, Julian Assange is a man on his own, responsible for either the biggest act of treason or hypocrisy or heroism this side of history. What is it that he really wants us to know, find out, derive or act on as a people by divulging this information time after time or….?

Just what is it our respective governments want to keep hidden from us so much that they will go to whatever lengths to silence him?

Again, do YOU trust your government?


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I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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