Goodbye, Roscoe

We knew the day would come.

It was pretty evident when we woke up and saw the poop on the floor. Roscoe, our 10 year old pug, couldn’t walk normally. His back end was drooping. He couldn’t jump up on the bed like he used to. He was lethargic and sleepy all the time.

We debated back and forth on whether it was humane to continue having him live in the condition he’s in. I hated do it, but what could we do? He was breaking down physically.

Finally, we decided it was time.

Tomorrow, we’ll be taking Roscoe to the vet for the final time. We’ll be euthanizing him to take away his pain and suffering. We’ve had him for 7 years, rescuing him and his mother, Sienna, from another family who couldn’t take care of them.

Our first weekend with Roscoe was pretty funny. He was never neutered and needed it. He seemed to be humping Sienna all over the place. Once the procedure took place, he settled down, but not before sneaking his behavior when he though we weren’t looking.

Roscoe had an energetic personality when he wanted to. Coming home from work, Roscoe made it a habit to jump up and kiss you on the face. He also had a mean streak…when he wanted to. When he looked at you, he’d give you the evil eye. But when you asked the question, “Can I have a kiss?”, he’d give you one with a lick on the side of his mouth.

Roscoe could talk, too. I’m not sure how he did that. We were calling Sienna in from being outside and all the sudden, Roscoe would howl at the top of his lungs.

See the video below!

Roscoe and Sienna are inseparable. It’s hard to see them away from each other. Even more harder is trying to find a way to deal without Roscoe after tomorrow.

I know this. Roscoe will be in a much better place tomorrow. It’s time for him to become whole, to become anew, to become the dog that was described on the “Rainbow Bridge”. Where there are meadows and hills for him to run and play together. He’ll have plenty of food, water and sunshine. He’ll be warm and comfortable in his new area. He’ll be restored to health, happy and content, waiting for the day we’ll meet again on that “Rainbow Bridge”.

I will miss your comfort, your kisses and your howl. I’ll miss your walks and mischief. But most of all, I’ll miss your companionship.

I’ll never forget you, Roscoe.


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One Response to Goodbye, Roscoe

  1. He will be treasured in your memories until you meet again.Love & Peace, Clarence

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