County Fair Fun

Thanks for the post from Bertha Randall

It’s hard to believe it’s time for the county fair again. My friends and I always get excited since we are all in the marching band. Since we are in the same town where the county fair is held, our band is always chosen to be first in the parade that opens up the fair.

After we do our part of the entertainment, the rest of the time is ours to just enjoy. We enjoy walking around and just looking at everything everyone has. There are the dessert contests, craft booths and the animal showcases. It might seem boring to some, but for us country girls, it’s right up our alley.

It’s not every day that a girl can throw some baseballs at a milk jug and win a giant size teddy bear and then ride the tilt-a-whirl with her best friends. There’s just something about eating funnel cakes and deep dish pizza and still having room left over for ice cream and cotton candy.

There is always good musical entertainment too. There is almost always a big name country band or singer who stops in for a night or two to sing for a few hours. The best part is that I don’t have to miss any of my evening shows.

As soon as I get home, I will watch my DVR-recorded shows on my cable TV dvr.

It’s hard to believe that I missed the NY State fair this year! Oh, well! Maybe next year!!


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