Are Yahoo! Comment Forums A Haven For Hate Speech?

At the beginning of 2010, longtime search engine Yahoo! started Comment Forums at the bottom of its news stories to give readers the chance to give their thoughts on a story.

Some comments have been civil.  However, there has been an increasing number of comments over the last year that I’ve perceived to be hate speech.  Much of the target has been geared toward President Barack Obama, with comments from annonymous posters. 

Check out the sample of comments I’ve found on one story about the President.

From M288:

The picture of Obama on this article make him look like the devil. Study it carefully.

From Brainiac2:

Chairman Obamao needs you, Leftards! Vote Marxist, and wait for your handouts!

From American Citizen:

The sooner this half-breed clown is gone and this country can get some real leadership and the news media does some real work ans research what is going on the better off this country will be. Most of the comments on this page in my opinion are lame stupid and not very well thought out except one…it the one about oboma being elected because hes black or half black…whatever he is so @#$% stupid he couldn’t have dodged the book thrown at him because he was to busy reading teleprompter…wish it had knocked his teeth out when it hit him probably the garbage he wrote that why the thing was thrown. Again why doesn’t the liberal news media report this and make big issue out of it….because they protect this clown because he is a black half breed.

These posts are tame compared to others I’ve found on Yahoo! comment forums.   Which begs to ask the question, is Yahoo! itself turning into a right-wing propaganda machine?   At the very least, Yahoo! administrators should be policing these boards for online threats.  I do believe in free speech, but what’s taking place on these board are extreme. 

Too extreme!


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