And You Call Yourself a "Christian", Senator Colburn!

It is unthinkable that someone that calls himself a “Christian” would allow suffering, simply because he sees dollar signs in front of him. But that is exactly what Oklahoma’s Republican senator Tom Colburn is doing.

Senator Coburn is waging a one-man filibuster against earthquake aid to Haiti. Ten months after the quake, we’ve still not delivered $1 of more than $1 billion promised, because of this one guy.

Using the Senate’s arcane, undemocratic rules, he has placed a “hold” on the aid–essentially a one-man filibuster–quibbling over a $5 million expenditure to create an office for coordinating US policy for Haiti.

Meanwhile, Haiti continues to suffer. Its people are forced to live in tents and deal with food and medical supply shortages. This is exactly the disgusting behavior that the media has refused to cover.

And you call yourself a “Christian”, Senator Colburn! You’re nothing but a gutless coward!

If you’re appalled by Senator Colburn’s actions, then make your voice heard by signing the petition at CLICK HERE!


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