Police Brutality "Epidemic" Continues To Spread Across The Nation!

Within the last few years, incidents of police brutality have been spreading across the country like wildfire. This blog has written about a number of excessive force incidents involving police agencies across the country.

Of the few notable incidents that were reported;

In 2009, an El Paso TV news crew covering the scene of an accident were arrested by an over-zealous police sergeant. Read Here!

Also in 2009, a Dallas, Texas police officer stops a car driven by Houston Texans Running Back, Ryan Moats in a hospital parking lot. For nearly 10 minutes, the officer harasses Moats and threatens him with arrest for running a red light. It wasn’t until after hospital officials alerted the officer that in fact, his mother-in-law was in the hospital. By that time, she had died. After a firestorm that accompanied the airing of the video tape, the officer resigned his position.

A man was kicked out of Yankee Stadium by New York City police officers when he refused to stand at attention for the playing of “God Bless America.” The man filed and multi-million dollar suit against the police department, the city and the New York Yankees. The suit was later settled out of court.

These, and other similar incidents have become a stain on the police force and a burden on local government that are in dire, financial straits. The increase in reported incidents can be contributed to the use of video cameras phones and the availability to go viral on YouTube and other similar websites.

Two Denver men settled a lawsuit against the city after a controversial police beating that was caught on tape. (ABC News)

The latest comes from Denver, where two men had their charges dropped after a videotape surfaced showing the men were brutally beaten by Denver police. Read the ABC News Report Here!

The case was harmed even further, when there was evidence of police misconduct on the report filed by the the two Denver cops involved.

Richard Rosenthal, Denver’s independent monitor, a civilian watch-dog group, pointed to police reportedly claiming that the suspect “spun to his left attempting to strike me with a closed right fist.” The video, Rosenthal, proves the officer’s report is inaccurate, calling it “pure fiction.”

“Writing the report the way it was written, under penalty of perjury, was absolutely inappropriate and should have resulted in the officer’s termination. It was clear to me that they were trying to cover up what actually happened and make it look better than it was.”

These types of behavior has been popping up in municipalities far too often. If Americans don’t do something about it, you can expect more incidents like these to continue.

How do you stop it? By taking action! In the case of the Denver police, take the matter up with the mayor and DEMAND HIM TO FIRE the chief of police and the two officers. Tell the prosecutor that you want DEMAND CRIMINAL CHARGES against these two officers.

If these suggestions don’t work, then fix the problem directly!

Locate where these officers and police chief lives and protest peacefully in front of their houses! Get the media’s attention! Do not accept this conduct from your local government!

Let’s get it straight. There are good cops out there! My dad was a cop for 20 years in New York City before he retired. This topic is geared towards the bad apples, who use their power as law enforcement for evil motives.

If you let these bad cops get away with wrongdoing, the next time it might be YOU getting your teeth kicked in by some “over-zealous thug” in uniform.


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