Surprized at Linda McMahon’s GOP Win in Connecticut? Don’t Be!

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Linda McMahon, a former wrestling executive, waves to supporters during her campaign party after winning the Republican primary in Cromwell, Connecticut on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

As I’ve mentioned on this blog previously, don’t be surprised if Linda McMahon wins the US Senate seat in Connecticut.

On Tuesday, McMahon took the first step as she defeated a former congressman in the Republican primary. She takes on the Democratic candidate, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blummenthal. She spent over $22 million dollars of her own money on her campaign, so far, and she has indicated she’ll spend another $30 million to win the seat.

Judging from her campaign ads, she has appealed to the lowest common denominator, refusing to address the needs of the state of Connecticut. She will continue to use this to her advantage to divide the electorate and buy the election.

Like the WWE, this will make for an interesting storyline. One that McMahon will use fully to her advantage. And with more ignorant voters going to the pols, I maintain that it will not be a surprise if she wins in November.

This isn’t fake, it’s real!


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