"The Circus" Returns to MSG as Isaiah Thomas is Hired as a Knicks Consultant

Isaiah Thomas was hired as a consultant for the New York Knicks. He’ll be helping with Knicks general manager Donnie Walsh to make decisions on draft picks, trades and personnel decisions.

Upon hearing the news, my reaction was, “Oh, Christ! What the Fuck? Is this a joke?”.

No joke! Not even funny!

Could you imagine ruining the company car through negligence and then being asked by the boss to come back to work the next day? That’s what this situation feels like!

If it was you or I, our asses would be shown the door! But Isaiah? It seems he can jump into a pile of shit and still smell like a rose.

It also shows why the Dolans need to be stripped of their ownership of the Knicks and the Rangers. This is gross incompetance and complete ignorance of common sense.

But then again, $$$$$ talks! Bullshit walks! And at MSG these days, bullshit is in a large supply!

I thought the circus left town in the spring!



Isaiah Thomas has decided not to take the consultant job with the Knicks. There was a strong possibility that NBA commissioner Davis Stern was not in favor of the appointment due to his current position as Head Coach at Florida International University. Such an appointment may have been considered a conflict of interest.

I consider it, a relief!


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