Walking Your Way Through "The Big Apple"!

Being a Native New Yorker, the thought of going back to my home town for a visit doesn’t really appeal to me. There are many moments of my childhood I’d rather forget and I wouldn’t want to spend more than a week there. However, for someone who has never been to New York, the city can be a magical adventure.

There are hundreds of tours you can find within the city. One company called, ContextTravel, specializes in Guided Walking Tours throughout New York. They target certain areas of the city that displays charm and uniqueness.

One NYC walking tour highlights the beauty of Manhattan’s Central Park. The three-hour tour goes in depth at the park’s design and history. With it’s 840 acres of rolling hills, picturesque vistas and vast green spaces, along with the park’s most recognizable trademarks, the tour will leave first-time visitors breathless.

Another of New York walking tours is my home town of Brooklyn. Entitled, “Brooklyn, Portrait of a City”, your walking tour takes you through the Williamsburg neighborhood. This part of the borough is vibrant, rich with culture and historical value.

Depending on what tour you pick, there are group and private tours. Prices range from $55 dollars to 300 dollars. If you want to see New York in an intimate setting, consider a Guided Walking Tour of, “the city that never sleeps.”


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