Have You Met Billy?

Ran into this website where I met a man named, “Billy”. “Billy” is the guy behind the Web’s Smartest Savings Club. “Billy’s” objective is to save you money and never pay full price on items again.

With the help of his friends, “Billy” negotiates deals with retailers and service providers. Considering he looks like a complete nerd, he does come off as a powerful negotiator. “Billy” also compares offers and quotes from different vendors so his friends can find the most suitable products or services and save as much of their hard earned money.

Take moving services for example. Let’s say you’re looking for movers in Tucson. “Billy.com” can provide you with the easiest and most convenient way of finding the nearest Uhaul retailer in no time flat. You can also get up to 55% percent off just by using “Billy’s website”.

Please feel free to read his blog, ‘like’ him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter or contact “Billy” directly through his website, Billy.com.

In these tough times, “Billy” could be your best friend.


About smoothjazzandmore

I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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