I Miss Chicago!

My time as a union steward for NABET was a very humbling experiences. I especially enjoyed my time traveling to different cities for conferences. There were many cities I enjoyed, such as Baltimore, Washington and Las Vegas. But there was no city I enjoyed more than the “Windy City”, Chicago.

My first visit to Chicago in 1984 during a trip to the west coast. I was 21 and it was my first time away from home. I arrived via bus and the moment I stepped off the bus, someone tried to confront me. I didn’t know if the man wanted directions or money. Finally, a cop came along, saw what was happening and broke up the melee.

Though visibly shaken, the incident didn’t damper my spirit. I enjoyed the city’s similarity to New York. My wife and I did a bunch of activities during our stay, including a trip to the Navy Pier, the city’s premier entertainment destination. We also took a boat tour up the Chicago River and into Lake Michigan.

They take their sports very seriously. Whether it’s the Cubs, White Sox or “‘da Bears”. Wrigley Field tickets are hard to come by, as are the Bulls and Blackhawks’ United Center tickets.

The one thing I didn’t do while I was there was take in a show. The city of Rosemont, which boasts a convention center, a theatre and a sports arena, would have been a nice opportunity for us, if we had more time on our trip. Rosemont Theatre tickets

It’s too bad. Summer would have been a great time for us if I continued my union stewardship. But the memories will always last a lifetime!


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