The Biggest Myth Being Played By The GOP? Unemployment Insurance Abuse!

It is truly shameful that Republican senators chose not to extend unemployment benefits to millions of Americans. It’s not that the unemployed don’t want to work. The problem is that there are no jobs to be had many of these skilled workers.

The biggest myth being played by the GOP is that somehow, “the unemployed don’t want to work.” From my experience with unemployment insurance, if you apply for it, the state agency requires you to give reasonable notice of a job search each week. If you have a job offer, and you don’t accept it, you don’t get unemployment insurance. I learned that the hard way and was without any kind of income.

Sorry, but at 60% percent of your original salary, who can afford to live off of that? In addition, many of the jobs that were lost were manufacturing jobs. Jobs that are going overseas, never to be seen again.

The fact remains that there needs to be a federal living wage law passed. No one can live off of minimum wage, no matter what kind of job it is.


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