US Military a Breeding Ground For Christian Right Wackos!

I’m proud of my military background. I’m honored to have served my country over the seven years I was a commissioned officer for the United States Army. But there is a faction that is creeping up within the ranks, a cancer that is spreading and is becoming more prevalent within the US military. They’re called “Christian Supremacists.”

Everytime I read about a story like this, I’m always reminded of the riddle I mention to people when discussing religion. “What’s the difference between a fundamenalist Muslim and a fundamentalist Christian?…Muslims don’t eat pork!”

Both religions, while seeming peaceful, are equally dangerous in their methods. It wouldn’t surprise me if more people in the coming decade become more Agnostic in their beliefs, as they become turned off of those who preach hatred in the form of Christianity/Islam/etc.

Read this story and be forewarned. There are many “so-called Christians” who have their own agenda and will do anything and everything to make it happen! A Must Read For Those Who Care!


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