Don’t Worry Knicks Fans! There’s Always Paris In The Springtime!

Man o’ man! What a roller coaster ride!

All of the big ballyhoo about Lebron James had me wishing the New York Knicks could actually pull it off. I should have known better.

The moment the “Tweet” from Chris Bosh was mentioned before the big ESPN special, that he was dining in Chicago with Dwayne Wade and that a third spot was open for a special someone, it left me with such a sinking feeling. It was like the air just went out of the balloon in mid-flight.

My thought before Lebron made his announcement was, “FUCK! MIAMI!”

Bottom line is the Knicks were just too complex and missing too many key pieces to actually make a serious play for Lebron. My feeling now is that the Knicks don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell for any other free agents in the future, including Carmelo Anthony next year.

It also doesn’t help that the Knicks have a “piece of shit” for an owner in James Dolan. With all the bad decisions he’s made, it’s no wonder Lebron, Bosh and Wade were scared off.

I have no ill for my “namesake”. Lebron wants a ring and I can’t blame him for wanting it. We all want the best. And though it was a brilliant move, he’ll have to figure out how to get back what will surely be, a lost brand name.

At best, the Knicks are a .500 ball club, with a chance at the 8th spot in the Eastern conference playoffs next year. At worst, it’s looking like another long NBA season.

Oh, well. There’s always Paris in the springtime!

Not that Paris!


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