SoundExchange’s Leader John Simson Resigns

After 10 years at SoundExchange, executive director John Simson will leave the non-profit royalty collection group at the end of 2010. Simson was the organization’s first full-time employee in 2000 and will be stepping down to return to his “creative roots.”

Simson has steadfastly defended SoundExchange’s controversial royalties against Internet radio, leading to near disaster financially for the industry. Simson also pointed out that SoundExchange has paid out over $220 million to performers and record labels in the past 10 months. That’s nearly half of the $470 million SoundExchange says its paid out since 2003.

The organization has come under scrutiny of late after an industry website reported SoundExchange had over $200 million in “undistributed funds”.

Official Press Release Here.

Good Riddance!


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