Rand Paul Symbolizes What A "Gutless Coward" Really Is!

This week, Rand Paul made some pretty remarkable comments involving the Civil Rights Act. The Republican nominee for the US Senate seat in Kentucky made it clear on National Public Radio that he was against enforcement of the Civil Rights Act when it comes to the private sector. At the same breath, he says he would have marched with the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in favor of Civil Rights. When asked to clarify his position on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Paul simply ignored the question.


You’re either for discrimination or against it! Saying you’re against government sponsored discrimination and at the same time saying you’re for private sector discrimination is the biggest cop out I’ve ever heard! Realizing what he’s done, Paul did a classic “flip-flop” and explained afterward that he was for the Civil Rights Act, but the cat’s out of the bag! He knows what he said and he can’t take it back!

All I can say is the Democrats just got a gift in November!

Here’s the whole interview if you don’t believe me. If you still support this gutless coward after watching it, then you’re no different than the Germans who looked away while the Nazi’s murdered 6 million Jews!



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