GOP Continues To Shun Diversity By Supporting Racist Causes!

Virginia governor Bob McDonnell created an uproar after deciding to reinstate Confederate History Month without mentioning “slavery.”

The word “slavery” had been included in previous Confederate heritage proclamations. Governor McDonnell later apologized and added language that painted slavery as a cause of the war and as a “hateful” institution.

Despite the re-write, the damage had been done, and none too surprising.

Ignoring slavery in Confederate history is like ignoring the Holocaust ever happened during World War II. Slavery was THE main component in the Civil War and the ability of Southern states to maintain, what was then a lucrative industry.

The Confederacy was a rebellion against the United States government. (Why do you think the term, “Rebels” is so prevalent in the South?) Confederates were traitors, non-Christian, racists & ignorant.

The Confederacy was nothing more than a few rich plantation owners manipulating the system to get poor Southerners to fight a war to maintain their current lifestyle. (Sounds similar to what the “Tea Party” movement is doing, now!)

You would think that after losing convincingly in 2008, the Republican party would do more to bring minorities and other diverse voices to their side. But once again, show what they really stand for, a more racist and divisive country.

Many supporters are nothing more than the last bastion of change. Xenophobic, homophobic and willing to go kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

You can forget about wondering if the Republican party will be more open to minorities. Governor McDonnell already answered that question for you!


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