Where’s The Money, SoundExchange?

The Internet arm of the Recording Industry Association of America, SoundExchange, is in PR mode this week, as a report shows that streaming royalties are not quite what they’ve claimed to be.

In a report uncovered by Billboard Magazine and reported Wednesday by Reuters news agency, “They assert that online streaming music services, especially non-interactive Internet radio, are proving to be a poor income substitute for artists in a declining music business. The coverage, however, muddies many important distinctions about the role of non-interactive streaming and the money that changes hands when music is played, and thus unfairly under-represents the benefit the medium offers performing artists.”

Assessing the findings of the report, Reuters writes:

“The results show that of the more than 100 artists examined to compile the Money Makers list, only 10 made more than $2,000 from non interactive streams in 2009, with Beyonce topping the list with an underwhelming $5,000.”

Kurt Hanson’s RAIN Newsletter reported these findings and were contacted by a spokesperson from SoundExchange for clarification. SX vehemently denies the report and spokesperson Laura Williams says that “not only are the figures wildly off the mark, her organization (the only possible source for numbers like this) was never even contacted by Billboard.

SoundExchange is the music industry body that collects and distributes digital performance royalties to copyright owners and performers from, among other sources, non-interactive webcasters (i.e. Internet radio).

Read the complete story here!

Analysis – It’s pretty sad when someone reacts they way they do when they’re exposed. Something like when someone gets their cover blown. In this case, SoundExchange continues to deny what everyone seems to know is the obvious, the unfair royalties that is being enforced on Internet radio and the contrary information being sent out by SoundExchange.

Like roaches, they scatter when the light is put on them.


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