CBS Radio Shuts Off Streams Outside The United States

RAIN Newsletter is reporting that CBS Radio has cut off streaming access outside the United States borders. Listeners outside the U.S. were greeted with a message that, “due to costs and regulations, the station can no longer stream.” The decision was done, no doubt, due to the thorny problem of music royalties.

This means that neither of the top two most-listened-to Internet radio outlets, Pandora and CBS Radio, streams outside the U.S. CBS Radio’s talk-based streaming stations (news, talk, sports) are also not available. The policy change happened quietly on Friday, but was quickly detected by industry sources.

RAIN has not been able to verify if AOL Radio and Yahoo! Music streams, both administered by CBS, have also been turned off outside the U.S.

More at Kurt Hanson’s RAIN Newsletter.


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One Response to CBS Radio Shuts Off Streams Outside The United States

  1. Gasman says:

    Yahoo Music does not work in the UK, but at least you do not get the advert as you do with 94.7 The Wave

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