Linda McMahon as a US Senator? Don’t Be Surprised!

With the retirement of Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd, a mad dash is happening on both sides of the political spectrum. One potential candidate has come out as a formidable candidate for the Republicans, WWE Chairwoman, Linda McMahon. Yes, that McMahon! The same McMahon that has involved herself and her husband, Vince McMahon, in some of the most hilarious story lines in wrestling. Many people think wrestling is fake. But there’s nothing fake about her run for the US Senate seat.

She announced her candidacy for the vacant slot last year and stepped down as WWE chair to run for the GOP primary. There’s also talk that Joe Lieberman may give his endorsement to McMahon should she win the GOP nomination.

Her name recognition makes her very much a player in the race. Think about it! The main audience for the WWE is Men, between 18 and 45 years old. High school graduates, little college education and mostly conservative. And with most Americans having a short attention span, it’s the perfect scenario for McMahon, riding the coat tails of voter discontent.

Don’t be surprised if she pulls off the same campaign win as former WWE wrestler, Jesse Ventura later this year. The way Americans are right about now, they could probably vote for Mickey Mouse if he was on the ballot.


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