More Drink The Idiot Flavored Kool-Aid, Faux News & The New York Post!

My good friend, Richard Prince at his blog “Journalizms” pointed out some interesting facts with the coverage of Haiti.

It turns out that dishrag of a newspaper, the New York Post chose not to run a front page story on the Haitian earthquake recovery effort. Instead, for the second day in a row, Post editors chose to run fluff stories, including the NY Jets playoff run, a Health care reform issue under the caption ‘$ick Deal’ and the conviction of Dominic Carter, a black reporter who was fired by regional cable news network, NY1.

He also pointed out that Fux News has also chosen to downplay the Haitian earthquake recovery coverage on its newscasts as well. The network has chosen to continue their coverage of smear and lies on the Obama administration with the help of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and their newest contributor, Sarah Palin?

“Why focus on all that misery, if, like Hannity on Wednesday, you can engage conservative virago Michelle Malkin in a soaring conversation about the Obama administration’s ‘culture of corruption.'”

“Bill O’Reilly also played his no-Haiti card, managing a gripping discussion Wednesday with Bo Derek about the threat to the West’s wild horses. Not to mention those whales being hunted by the Japanese in the Southern Ocean.”

Keep in mind, Fixed News and the Post are owned by Rupert Murdock, not the most diverse man on the planet. They’ve obviously chosen money over matter.

They don’t mind, ’cause Haiti doesn’t matter!


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