What In Hell’s Going On At TSN’s Sales & Traffic Department?

So I’m watching the Rose Bowl New Year’s Day on ABC. (Check That! TSN!)

Just about every advertisement that came up was for Bacardi Rum. Now, it didn’t just run two or three times, but it ran with just about every commercial break that came up.

I’m saying to myself, WTF? What kind of Traffic Manager would schedule such a thing? Even worse, is sales that bad at TSN that they literally have no other advertisers available?

Can you imagine ESPN doing the same thing? There would be a bloody revolt, especially from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

It also led me to believe that the sales department at TSN is not doing their job getting new business. That was bad, just bad!

Someone needs a pink slip over there!

Note – Because events such as the Super Bowl and prime time shows are based in the US, Canadian TV takes precedence. So cable and satellite TV will show the Canadian channel instead of the US channel. This is important, because Canadian viewers won’t be able to watch the new Super Bowl commercials every year. This is to “protect” Canadian advertisers. You can thank the CTRC for that ruling. Nothing says “we suck” like watching the same advertiser 30 times in the same show.


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