Senators Give Americans A "Watered Down" Christmas Present!

Victoria Kennedy, widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy hugs Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada on Capitol Hill in Washington, as Senate Banking Committee Chairman, Senator Christopher Dodd, D-Connecticut, looks on at center, after the Senate passed the health care reform bill. (AP Photo/Harry Hamburg)

This morning, Senate Democrats finally passed a health care bill. The vote was 60-39, along party lines, one day after Democrats succeeded in crushing a filibuster by Republicans eager — yet unable — to inflict a year-end political defeat on the White House. The bill’s passage gives way for compromise talks with the House on a bill to reduce the ranks of the uninsured and rein in the insurance industry.

Americans should be relieved that any health care bill has been passed. But in reality, the bill does nothing to resolve the real problem, reducing the insurance industry’s stranglehold on high premiums. Americans will continue to be dependent on a system that requires health insurance to be purchased.

According to terms in the proposed Senate by, the price of purchasing insurance will be subsidized by the government. However, the insurance industry will still continue the status quo of “co-pays”, “deductibles” and “premiums” on customers. Unless there is a alternative option to keep the insurance companies in check, health care costs passed on to the consumer will continue.

That’s one Christmas present nobody will be asking for!


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