Golden Globe Irrelevance!

Oh, boy! Here we go again! The media circus that shouldn’t be happening!

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced they picks on who they think should win the best movie & TV shows were announced. As usual, many of the picks were geared towards the Hollywood elite.

I’m not even going to get into who should win because as far as I’m concerned, these awards are nothing more than a reason to have a fashion show. It’s also a way for those actors and actresses to buy themselves legitimacy to their floundering careers.

What better way to get seen by the elite than to buy an award? That’s another concept of this awards show. Many of the “members” write for entertainment magazines part-time in their native countries. (Something like a blogger, before blogging!)

Anyway, while the rest of the world will be fascinated at “celebrity” with the Golden Globe awards, I’ll be doing something more constructive…like puking my guts out!


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I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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