New Jersey Drivers Get A Bad Reputation!

Every time I see a licence plate from New Jersey, I have to be extra careful while I’m driving. New Jersey has a reputation of being some of the most aggressive drivers in the nation.

Many drivers I’ve encountered from New Jersey had poor manners behind the wheel. Among some of the violations I’ve seen are, no signalling between lanes, tailgating, and cutting off cars when switching lanes.

So it’s no surprise that NJ Car Insurance rates are among the highest in the nation. Garden State drivers paid an average premium of $1,152 a year in 2006, second to the District of Columbia. 1 In 2003, state insurance regulators in Trenton implemented caps on insurers preventing them from raising Car Insurance rates.

The result, Auto Insurance companies have been able to sell policies in New Jersey and customers have benefited with lower prices. This, despite the highest rates in the nation.

1 National Association of Insurance Commissioners


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