Flying To London Just Got Easier!

I had the chance to go to London a couple of years ago when I was taking a writing class at Syracuse University. The group was part of a seminar and festival of writers who specialized in labour issues. It would have been a great way to improve my writing craft, meet different writers and visit a place I’ve never been to before.

Back then, prices were sky high compared to today’s rates. Plus, because ratings period was when the event took place made it impossible for me to take time off. Today, I noticed British Airways has a seat sale going on until November 19th.

So I got my creative juices flowing and put together an itinerary for a dream trip to London. I put together a trip scheduled to fly out of Pearson International Airport out of Toronto and landing in Heathrow, just outside of London between March 4th and March 8th 2010.

I was able to adjust my itinerary to get a flight on a day that would be cheaper to fly out of. The result, a round-trip airfare to London from Toronto came out to be $784 dollars (Canadian). The amount includes taxes, fees, charges (security & insurance) and surcharges.

That’s not bad, really. You can also upgrade to three different classes, including business and first class. And it’s not just England. You can find great deals to the Middle East and Asia. Keep in mind, this sale is only available from Canadian destinations.

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