Another Mass Murder Involving Guns, Thanks To The 2nd Amendment!

A military police officer stands guard at the entrance of Fort Hood, Texas.

There’s been yet another mass murder involving readily available guns in the United States. This time, an Army officer shot and killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas. 30 people were wounded, including the gunman. The motive for the shooting wasn’t clear, but the officer was apparently set to deploy soon and had expressed some anger about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The fact that the officer was a Muslim is irrelevant, as this simply gives fuel to the anti-Islamic bigots to advance their racist ideology. What is relevant was he was allowed to purchase a weapon rather easily, thanks to the 2nd Amendment.

Texas is one of a handful of states that allows its residents to purchase handguns without a waiting period. You also don’t need a licence or a permit to purchase a handgun. You can also buy a handgun at a gun show without a background check. In fact, the Texas legislature passed a law in 1994 granting it’s citizens the right to carry concealed weapons. Texas is one of 22 states that allows concealed weapons.

The readily available usage of handguns only increases the likelihood that you will be killed or know someone that will be killed by a handgun.

The tragedy in Texas is not surprising. It is gun rights supporters who hide behind the 2nd Amendment, a flawed and outdated part of the Bill of Rights, that allows mass murder in the US to happen. Unless this Amendment is changed, expect more incidents like this to happen.

Here’s Penn & Teller’s take on the 2nd Amendment.


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