Should You Buy Used Or New Car?

I’ve always wondered why anyone would purchase a new car. Buying new is one of the worst investments you can make.

Why? Because cars depreciate in value. It starts once you take it off the lot. If you don’t lease a car and buy a car for a 48-60 month period, the amount you pay for the vehicle will be significantly more that what the car will be worth. Unless you purchase a high-end luxury vehicle, it’s probably better to buy used.

There are some drawbacks with used vehicles. What’s the quality going to be like? Will it break down more often? Should you by an extended warranty? Then there’s the though of sleasy car salesmen. Are they trustworthy?

One dealership in Austin, Texas called Drivetime takes the guessing out of purchasing Used Cars.

Drive Time is the nation’s largest dealership with 77 locations across the country. They specialize in selling used cars to people with credit problems.

Check it out!


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