Study:US Kids Still Lag Behind The World In Math!

A new study of U.S. middle school students and their attitudes about math revealed that kids spend a large amount of time either watching TV, playing video games, texting or using the computer for non school-related tasks.

72% percent of students spend more than three hours each day in front of a screen rather than doing homework. The percentage of students who spend less than an hour on their math homework each day is 67% percent. 28% percent students could not name one interesting career that uses math. 1

Maybe that’s why Americans have been getting creamed by other countries when it comes to math. Math can be complex and hard. There are ways for children to solve math problems quickly and easy. You can get help with math by going to is a place where students from kindergarten to 12th grade can get free online math help right from your own home. The free algebra help can go a long way to improving math test scores. Free college algebra help is also available.

It’s important for all children to know math skills. With, they can get a fresh start.

1 The study was commissioned by Raytheon.


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