Brockville Newspaper Fails Its Readers, Yet Again!

Brockville Recorder & Times

There was a scheduled power outage on Sunday. The local hydro company informed it’s customers of the disruption of service from 7am to 12pm through an automated call earlier in the week (The official call came to our home on Monday).

The scheduled outage affected approximately 9,000 residents in the Elizabethtown-Kitley township area of Leeds-Grenville county in Ontario, Canada. However, you would not have known about this disruption of service if you were a regular subscriber to the Brockville Recorder & Times newspaper.

Nowhere was there any kind mention of the power outage in their daily editions on Friday or Saturday. This important news would have had an adverse affect to those who depend on life systems, such as oxygen or “Live Alert”. The fact that this was a “scheduled” outage of hydro service once again has me questioning the commitment of this newspaper in covering the community.

At the very least, there should have been some kind of mention on their front page. Even if you already have a news website up and running to guide readers on breaking news stories, the site does no one any good if they have no hydro to access it. As it is, this wasn’t “breaking news”. The editorial staff should have known better than to exclude this important story from their daily newspaper.

The community deserves better news coverage than this!

NOTE: A copy of this blog entry will be sent to the newspaper for official comment.


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