Smooth Jazz FM Radio Leaves Motown!

Another smooth jazz radio format flips!

Last week, the sounds of smooth jazz music were replaced with Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus as WVMV (Smooth Jazz V98.7) left the FM radio airwaves.

On Friday, the long-time Smooth Jazz format was flipped to a Contemporary Hit radio format (CHR), another victim of the slowing economy and advertising dollars.

The station first switched to smooth jazz in 1995. At one time, there were two smooth jazz radio stations serving the Motor city, the other being WJZZ.

CBS Radio, the station’s owner, still broadcasts smooth jazz in Detroit on an HD frequency. This is CBS Radio’s second station flipping from smooth jazz to top 40 (KKHH in Houston was the other).

Of course, who has an HD radio and who wants to spend that kind of money?


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