Finding a Good Ceiling Fan!

Emerson Midway ECO Ceiling Fan Model CF955ORB

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, our ceiling fan is always running in our bedroom. I use our ceiling fans all the time because we like to circulate the air in the house.

During the summer, we like to have the fan’s direction set counter-clockwise so that air is blown downward. The breeze created speeds the evaporation of sweat on the human skin, which is experienced as a cooling effect.

In the winter, warmer air rises to the ceiling while cooler air sinks to the floor. We set our ceiling fan clockwise so that the air is drawn upward. The air mixes heat at the ceiling with cooler air near the floor, warming up the living space. This allows us to set our thermostat a few degrees lower to save on energy without losing out on comfort.

Finding good ceiling fans takes time and money. It’s OK to purchase one from a box retailer. But what you get in return really won’t help you in the long run. Most of the time, these fans break down after a few years and you’re back to square one.

One business called, Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans has a huge selection of fans for both indoor and outdoor use. They also deal with commercial, industrial and residential residents. Some of the top name brands they deal with are Hunter, Casablanca and Emerson.

Check out their website at


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2 Responses to Finding a Good Ceiling Fan!

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