Rio’s Win in 2016 Was More Less, Expected!

IOC President Jacques Rogge holds up the name of Rio de Janeiro after they were awarded the 2016 Olympic Games during the 121st International Olympic Committee session in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I’m one that was not surprised Rio de Janiero won the 2016 Olympics. The IOC has been wanting to put the Olympics on every continent since the beginning. Today was an excuse to do just that. Now, Africa has a better chance to get the 2020 Olympics than any other continent.

On the flip side, the IOC has had a bug in it’s ear against the United States ever since 1996. That was the year a man planted a bomb in the Olympic pavilion in Atlanta. It also didn’t help that Salt Lake City was dogged with a bribery scandal.

Don’t blame President Obama for Chicago’s failed bid. Blame past circumstances for Chicago’s loss. Once bitten, twice shy!

Overall, the IOC doesn’t want the United States to get another Olympics. It all comes down to politics!

Pretty sad, really!


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