Rain Barrels Have Evolved From It’s Humble Beginnings!

My wife could remember when she was a little girl growing up on the farm. She used to play around in a rain barrel. It was her own perfect hideaway from the real world.

Nowadays, rain barrels have evolved from it’s humble beginnings as a wooden shell, to a plastic, presentable style. One website features the latest rain barrels for sale. The site is called, “SimplyRainBarrels.com“.

The styles have changed drastically. Many rain water barrels can be a nice addition to a house or garden. They can also be a great way to do water conservation. Rain harvesting is quick and easy by using these.

My personal favorite rain water barrel was the one shown below made by Black Sparrow.

rain water barrel

As you can see, it doubles as a place to hold plants and flowers, and it’s equipped with a brass spigot for a garden or soaker hose.

With fall arriving and changes to the garden almost ready, consider making a visit to this unique website!


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