NBC/Leno Experiment Can’t Hold Weight For The Long Haul!

Jay Leno walked onstage for the debut of “The Jay Leno Show” on Monday in Burbank, Calif. Justin Lubin/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Last night’s premiere of “The Jay Leno Show” was a ratings booster for NBC. But then again, one night doesn’t make a show a success. 18 million viewers watch the show’s premiere. Now comes the hard part, sustaining those same ratings for the next 4 days and 12 months.

It’s gonna be a tough stretch for NBC. They’ve spent more than $10 million dollars promoting Leno’s new show in prime-time. Many critics bashed the new venture, calling it nothing less than the Tonight Show, rehashed.

I’ve always said that the only reason why Leno is still at NBC is because NBC didn’t want ABC to grab him. The alphabet network has always wanted to compete with NBC and CBS on the late night action. A failure of the Leno 10pm experiment will only make it more likely he’ll go to ABC.

NBC affiliate are holding their breath, hoping the loss of traditional programming in the 10pm slot will translate into a ratings and financial boom.

They better hope so!


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