South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson becomes "Joe Jackass"

<img src="–&quot; alt="US President Barack Obama's high-stakes health care speech drew frequent eyerolls and scoffs from his Republican critics, but sharpest was a single shouted charge: 'You lie' from Republican Joe Wilson of South Carolina (C) during a joint session of the US Congress in Washington, DC.
AFP/Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla”>

When I was young, my mom always used to tell me, “…if you don’t have anything good to say to someone, you shouldn’t say anything at all.” Maybe that should have been told to South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson.

In his speech to a join session of Congress, President Obama claimed his health care plan wouldn’t offer free care to illegal immigrants. To which, Congressman Wilson blurted, “You lie!” Rather than confronting the Congressman, President Obama continued on with his speech.

But by displaying his childish outburst last night, Congressman Wilson did more to ensure the passage of a comprehensive health care reform bill than anyone could ever imagine.

He was better off keeping his mouth shut!


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