Scottish Justice Secretary Was Wrong, DEAD WRONG To Set Terrorist Free!

Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill made a complete mockery of his justice system by releasing a convicted mass murderer.

Nine years ago when I was working the graveyard shift, I had to cover an early morning live shot at Syracuse University. It was the tenth anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103.

The memorial site in front of the hall of letters building was lined with roses to symbolize the memory of the those who perished.

270 men, women and children lost their lives on Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie,
Scotland, including 35 Syracuse University students coming home for the Christmas holiday.

It was a moving scene, and made it clear that they would not be forgotten.

I can’t believe that one person would be responsible for such an important case with this much magnitude! Was was Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill thinking? Did he think this was going to be a non-story? That there wouldn’t be an huge outcry?

He has to answer to the victims families and explain why someone who was convicted of mass murder was let go. I don’t care if the man has cancer and has months to live! You do the crime, you do the time!

The British government has some explaining to do, too. Was there a secret deal done with Libya to tap in their oil supply? Was there a “blood for oil” deal reached? I surely hope an inquiry is made to find out exactly what deals were made and who is responsible for them.

The release of the man convicted of their murder and the reception he received when he came home smacks in the face of justice. It made a mockery of the Scottish criminal justice system.

It made me sick to my stomach!


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