Stock Market Makes A Big Comeback!

The New York Stock Exchange

Signs of the recession finally peeling back are starting to take shape as the New York Stock Exchange saw gains take place to levels not seen since September of last year.

As of the close of business on Wednesday, August 5th; the Dow industrial average fell to 9280.97, a loss of -39.22 from yesterday, about 0.42% percent. Compare this to the beginning of March of this year, where those same stocks were at a low of 6547.05.

One of the things that starts first in an economic recovery is the stock market. The last thing that recovers is jobs. You were best to buy earlier this year because stocks were plentiful and cheap.

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But let the buyer beware! Stock Trading is still a risky outlet. It’s much like gambling. At any given time, situations may cause the stock market to fluctuate and go back to it’s original uncertain future.

Trade with caution and know there no such thing as a sure thing!


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