Happy "Seinfeld" Day, Canadians!!!

Is today like the show, Seinfeld?  A day about nothing?

Today, is what they call the Civic Holiday here in Canada. It’s a day that all Canadians celebrate the attachment to their dynamic history, take pride through knowledge, and enable understanding through the appreciation of the rich and diverse cultures who have built their country.

Wow! Can you imagine the United States or any state of the union even developing such a day like today? Big business would scream “poverty” over lost wages. I can recall the furor that took place when Martin Luther King Day (celebrated every third Monday in January) was first proposed.

I’ve found that the holiday is no more than a day where Canadians can just relax, take it easy and enjoy a day off during the summer, for no particular reason.

I jokingly call the holiday, “Seinfeld Day.” Why? If you’re not familiar with the show, comedian Jerry Seinfeld called his famous sit-com, “a show about nothing.”

Thus, I’ve coined the term for the day, “a holiday about nothing.” That’s not quite true!

Several provinces has different names for this day. In B.C., the day is called, “British Columbia Day”. In New Brunswick, it’s called, New Brunswick Day. Here in Ontario, it’s called Ontario Day. And in Saskatchewan, its called Saskatchewan Day.

In Alberta, the province calls today, Heritage Day, but its not a day that workers have off. The holiday is not generally observed in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, or the Yukon Territory, except by federal employees. In Manitoba, the day is recognized, but isn’t what they call a “statutory holiday.”

I do like the fact that Canadians are able to enjoy a hell of a lot more than Americans, and not be so focused on making money all the time. And today is a great example of that. Americans should take note and do the same.

So, Canadians. Enjoy your day, no matter what today is called.


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