Garlic Festival Heats Up Gilroy, California!

Chefs cook it up at the Gilroy Garlic Festival’s signature Gourmet Alley.

This weekend, the Gilroy Garlic Festival makes it’s annual appearance.

The festival’s located in Gilroy, California, just south of San Jose. I can still remember the area as I traveled to and from Camp Robers for US Army Reserve duty on Highway 101. I rolled down the window as the smell of garlic surrounded me. It was a vampire’s nightmare!

It’s considered by many to be the best garlic festival in the world. This is the festival’s 31st edition and last year, over 107,000 people visited. Over 4000 volunteers from more than 150 non-profit groups make the festival possible.

Is Garlic Ice Cream really edible?

You’re inundated with everything made of garlic. From the obvious (Garlic Salmon, Garlic Chicken, Garlic Shrimp, Garlic Hot Wings) to the sublime (Garlic Jelly, Garlic Mustard, french fries), to the ridiculous (Garlic Chocolate, Garlic Ice Cream).

Attendees also enjoy three stages full of musical entertainment, a Great Garlic Cook-off, celebrity cooking demonstrations, a children’s area, arts and crafts, and many interactive displays.

A man dressed as a garlic bulb is surrounded by the official

A Miss Gilroy Garlic Festival Queen is also crowned. The winner is chosen by a panel of five judges based on her personal interview, talent, garlic speech and evening gown. Her court is also chosen, for the purpose of representing Gilroy at various festivities and, “having a garlicky good time with fellow lovers of the pungent bulb”.

As of this moment, their official website,, is unable to access because of high Internet traffic. But if you’re in the San Francisco bay area or California’s central coast, this is something you have to experience for yourself.

Check it out!


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