Taylor Swift Gets Some Serious Airplay On "Smooth Jazz and More!"

Taylor Swift Gets Some Serious Airplay On Smooth Jazz and More!

I’ve always been open with music on my Internet radio station. The motto has always been, “Smooth Jazz, Light Sounds or In-Between”. It doesn’t matter if it’s rock, classical or country. All I care about is that it sounds good enough to make the cut.

So when I heard the track “White Horse” by Taylor Swift, I knew it was good enough for airplay. The 19 year old country music sensation has been firing up the charts now for the last three years.

To me, she’s the future of music, not just country music. She has crossover appeal on all stages, and she showcases exactly what I’ve been wanting to do for 8 years here on “Smooth Jazz and More”. Oh, did I mention that she’s cute? Yeah, that too!

She’s currently on the concert swing worldwide. She’s playing with her good friend, Kellie Pickler and Keith Urban. A website I saw listed Taylor Swift Tickets in cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. She also has concert dates in London.

You can also purchase Britney Spears Tickets as well as Jeff Dunham Tickets and a whole bunch of other artists and events.

Speaking of “White Horse”, here’s the video. Enjoy!


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