You Pack It, They Move It!

Three years ago, my brother decided to move from Rochester, New York to Seattle, Washington. The three thousand mile trip was a challenge, simply because of the large amount of items that needed to be shipped. They decided to use ABF U-Pack Moving as their choice of truck rental.

ABF U-Pack Moving

ABF is a freight company that provides various shipping services to commercial and industrial businesses across the country. Their core business is ABF U-Pack Moving for residential customers.

All the customer has to do is pack and unpack the trailer or “ReloCubes” provided by ABF.


“ReloCubes” (shown above) are designed to hold a room’s worth of furnishings and to fit into a typical parking space. Trailers can be used for larger shipments in any size increment with only one household per trailer. The “ReloCubes” and trailers are all transported by ABF. The customer avoids the drive or the driving unfamiliar equipment and hazards.

A traditional mover charges between $3000 and $5000 dollars. ABF trailers charge almost half of what traditional movers charge. And unlike a truck rental, there’s less hassle to deal with.

So if you’re moving long distance and you’re looking for a better way to save money, consider using ABF U-Pack Moving.


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