Why Isn’t Sotomayor Hearings On Regular TV? ’cause It’s A Ratings Killer!

Should the networks broadcast the Supreme Court nominations hearings like they did Michael Jackson's memorial?

Shoptalk, the daily TV news industry newsletter had an interesting article today.

There are some people wondering why the big three networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) are not showing gavel to gavel coverage of this week’s hearings for Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor. This after, the three networks interrupted regular programming last week for the Michael Jackson memorial service.

That’s easy! Devoting four hours of time on an eventual Supreme Court nominee wouldn’t make good economic sense. The big three already lost a ton of money in advertising to the Michael Jackson memorial last week. Couple the fact that the broadcast industry is suffering from a lack of advertising revenue, they need to get all the money they can!

The difference here is everyone wanted to see the Michael Jackson memorial. 30 million nationally and over a billion worldwide. Watching a bunch of Senators talk for hours would be like watching paint dry.

There hasn’t been any major bombshells lobbed out in Sotomayor’s nomination. No sexual harassment claims and no one pulling a “Bork”, referring to Judge Robert Bork, who was voted down by the Senate on his Supreme Court nomination in 1987 due to his alleged extreme political views.

Short of an “Anita Hill” moment, the hearings would be a ratings killer! Although it will make Americans more dumber!


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