Martin Bashir Backtracks On Allegations Of Michael Jackson

The day Michael Jackson died, ABC’s Nightline correspondent Martin Bashir backtracked on allegations made in his documentary, “Living with Michael Jackson”.

Even though the video shown below is edited together, the comments Bashir made on Jackson, in retrospect, are pretty revealing.

We now know the documentary was made to advance Bashir’s career goals. Now that he’s where he is now and Michael Jackson is no longer alive, we see the real side of what happened through Bashir’s comments.

Too little, too late.


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One Response to Martin Bashir Backtracks On Allegations Of Michael Jackson

  1. GUILLERMO says:

    como puede dormir tranquilo este morboso peridista que solo quiso hacerle daño a michael jackson quisiera saber si el hace algo por la humanidaD por la tierra que le da albergue o si solo le destruye la vida a personas que hacen todo por la raza humana y que dejo mensajes y enseñanzas preciosas, MICHAEL ESTA EN EL CIELO VOS HIJO DE PERRA TE QUEDASTES PARA PAGAR ACA EN EL INFIERNO Q PERSONAS COMO VOS LO CREAN DIA A DIA!!!!!QUE DIOS TE PERDONE DESTRUCTOR DE VIDAS PRECIOSAS

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