Peter King is a "Gutless Coward"!

US Representative, Peter King (left) calls Michael Jackson 'a pedophile'. I call King, 'a coward'!

Republican US Representative Peter King from Long Island had some choice words on the media coverage of Michael Jackson’s death and memorial.

Rep. King called Jackson, ” a pervert, a child molester and a pedophile”. He went on to say that, “…society should be paying tribute to police officers and troops overseas.”

The last time I saw it, Jackson was found “NOT GUILTY” of all charges.

If Jackson was guilty of anything, it would be of being too generous. His record of philanthropy, from giving millions of dollars for “USA FOR AFRICA” back in 1985 to helping those with life-threatening illnesses was second to none. A few people “hungry for the big payday” took advantage of his generosity.

Rep. King’s comments on Jackson was cowardly, which is no surprise coming from Republicans. Rep. King is also a so-called “Christian”, a Catholic to be exact. Talk about the ultimate in hypocrisy!

It’s pretty easy to kick a man when he’s down or in Congressman King’s case, when he’s dead. If he’s truly a Christian, if he really believes in the criminal justice system, he wouldn’t have made those comments.

Jackson may have had questionable behavior in his life. But then again, he was a flawed man, just like everyone else. We’re not perfect.


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